apollo 11 mission

Apollo 11 Mission: 3 Reasons For Its Success

The Apollo 11 mission, or the mission of Neil Armstrong’s “Giant Leap For Mankind”, occurred 49 years ago this week.  This mission was a tremendous example of “T3”:

  • Teamwork: NASA’s tens of thousands of contributed for many years to this historic mission’s success.
  • Tone: All astronauts were perfectly poised under pressure while (borrowing a phrase from the opening of Star Trek) ‘boldy going where no man has gone before”
  • Tenacity:  The program’s trials and errors included the tragic loss of Apollo 1 and it’s three astronaut heroes in 1967

I can remember watching this momentous event on a Black & White console TV on a Sunday night in Long Island as an 7 year old … and thinking, God Bless America!

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