Paul Becker’s indomitable spirit and triumph over Stage IV Multiple Myeloma (MM) is an inspiration. I first met Paul aboard an aircraft carrier during 2002 combat operations into Afghanistan. His demonstration of Teamwork, Tone and Tenacity during subsequent medical struggles sets the highest motivational standard for others to follow. I’m proud to be Paul’s friend and know he’s making a difference in our fight against MM.

- Tom Brokaw, NBC Journalist

Paul Becker knows what he's talking about. An inspirational leader in peace and in war. Positive, tenacious, and a terrific team-builder.

- General Martin Dempsey, U.S. Army (Retired), Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Paul brought the house down as our Keynote at the September 2016 Rockstar Marketing Bootcamp attended by hundreds of successful entrepreneurs. The audience was spellbound during his “Teamwork, Tone, Tenacity” presentation, motivated to new levels of patriotism and purpose by his translation of military leadership principles to the civilian workplace, and inspired to tears by understanding how to triumph over adversity after hearing of his winning battle vs. bone marrow cancer. I’ve been speaking and hosting speakers for 20+ years and there’s never been one I’ve seen make a greater impact on an audience. I now invite Paul back to every one of my events where I can count on him delivering a tailored presentation that will improve the performance and lives of others.

- Craig Duswalt, Keynote Speaker, Author, Podcaster and Creator of RockStar Marketing www.craigduswalt.com

Your authentic and passionate presentation of triumphing over Stage IV Bone Marrow Cancer inspired physicians and caregivers from across the country at our annual conference and provided a human context for all of us to approach our work. You are an amazing individual. Thank you for sharing your time, talent and wisdom.

- Dr. William Maples, Chief Medical Officer for the Institute for Healthcare Excellence and former Mayo Clinic Physician, Oncologist and Quality Leader

I’ve heard Paul speak. He moved me, and I’m not easy to move! His “Teamwork, Tone, Tenacity” message is inspirational. Listen to him, it’ll transform your life!

- Frank Shankwitz - Co-Founder of Make A Wish Foundation

Paul continues to serve: now from the stage where he shares lessons on the importance of leadership. His “T3`` message is clear, understandable and easy to apply. Your audience will benefit from seeing Paul and improving their performance.

- Sharon Lechter, Co-Author of “Rich Dad - Poor Dad” book series and Financial Board Game Designer

Rear Admiral Paul Becker was the Keynote at our annual retirement industry thought leadership symposium. His self-reflections on leadership was overwhelmingly received by our audience because of its high impact and instant adaptability by industry.

- Robert Bernstein, Co-Founder of Envestnet Retirement Solutions

Paul is a GENUINE, HIGH IMPACT speaker! I’ve seen him speak in person to an audience of hundreds, and hosted him on my radio show. Everything Paul says resonates with the audience; whether it’s applying T3 military leadership principles to a focus on corporate profit, or sharing lessons from his own inspirational comeback from cancer to provide patients with a framework to overcome extreme adversity, Paul delivers his message with spirit and a sense of humor. If you’re considering a motivational leadership speaker who can deliver a high-energy, high-impact message to raise your team’s achievements to new levels, bring in this remarkable veteran and success expert. He’ll add lasting value to your efforts!

- Jeff Wolfe, President of Adventure CEO and Host of ``Adventure CEO Leadership Insights” Radio Show

An incredibly inspiring NYPD-USN Day speech from someone who has 100% credibility in linking military leadership principles like Teamwork, Tone, and Tenacity to other professions; especially law enforcement organizations like NYPD. Admiral Becker’s presentation was not only full of takeaways to improve performance and outcomes, but it was light-hearted at certain moments and passionately serious during others, which kept the audience continually engaged.

- Officer Jason Yu, New York Police Department

Admiral Becker’s inspirational philosophy of ``Teamwork, Tone, Tenacity” guided and uplifted my family and myself during the most difficult and trying time of my personal and professional career. His ability to instill the idea of never giving up and to always look to the future with hope has made my treatment and recovery a success both mentally and physically. Bottomline, Admiral Becker is the type of leader we all want to follow and one day be.

- Robert Gomez, Stage IV Cancer Survivor and Maintenance Gene Therapy Patient

Paul recently spoke at an off-site for my leadership team and delivered a world-class presentation. His unique perspective, combined with a mix of humor and real-world experience carried the day and made him the absolute highlight of the meeting.

- Robert Sappio, CEO of SeaCube Containers

Paul has an incredible ability to articulate key issues and effectively translate highly successful military leadership principles into the corporate pillars of performance, productivity, and bottom line profit. He does it while never wavering from the bedrock of integrity, credibility, and trust. As a bonus, he keeps his audience engaged and entertained at the same time.

- Jim Zortman, Chairman, San Diego Economic Development Corporation & USAA Financial Services Board Member

Paul’s keynote at our annual symposium in March 2017 was the highest rated presentation of the day. His high energy, tailored presentation linking the ocean’s role in food security to national security kept the audience alert, engaged, and better informed. His ability to link military leadership principles to the disciplines of ocean security were remarkable and left a lasting impact on our organization.

- Rear Admiral Jon White, USN (Retired), President and CEO of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership

Wow! Insightful. Articulate. Candid. Compelling. Paul is national security expert who knows how to cut to the core of complex issues and get an audience to listen, learn and walk away with important lessons. The highlight in a constellation of great speakers at CACI’s 10th Annual Asymmetric Threat Symposium. A must invite back speaker!

- Dr. Lani Kass, Senior Vice President CACI Consulting

I'll never forget what this legendary leader wanted us to remember about “Teamwork, Tone, Tenacity,`` and more importantly how he made hundreds of soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen feel in an Afghanistan combat zone: Motivated, Empowered, Focused and Proud. I’m thrilled to see him share his memorable message at the corporate level. THE BEST I’VE EVER SEEN!

- Master Chief Petty Officer Todd Schroeder, USN (Retired), RBR Technologies Computer Network Defense Engineer and U.S. Naval Academy Power Lifting Coach

Paul Becker was a phenomenal Keynote speaker at our annual retreat. The audience could have listened to him speak for days on strategic planning. In his speech, you could tell that he really got to know our organization and made it personal to us, which left us interested, motivated and wanting more.

- Erin Kopelman, Partner at Lerch, Early & Brewer

Rear Admiral Becker was one of the most engaging guests I’ve ever hosted on my widely distributed Radio Show/Podcast. He provided incisive, memorable insights on leadership. His lessons from the military create success anywhere and are still referenced by my audience. I’ve also seen Paul speak in person. He epitomizes ``Teamwork, Tone, Tenacity.`` He is one of the best in the business!

- Walt Grassl, Award-winning Host of “Stand Up and Speak Up”