“T3” Leadership With A Smile

Happy B’Day Mel Brooks, b. (Melvin Kaminsky) OTD 1926. Inspirational Comedian, Actor, Writer, Film Maker.  One of very few to win Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards. 

Mel’s leadership style: 

  • TEAMWORK:  Famously built trust, comity and loyalty with others.  Envisioned goals and inspired collaborators to achieve them while selflessly sharing credit with colleagues and co-stars. His partnership with the late Carl Reiner in “2000 Year Old Man” skits is comedy genius
  • TONE:  “Patriotic WWII Vet; Combat Engineer who fought in the Battle of the Bulge.  Mel’s courageous boundary-breaking slapstick, parodies and satire took on social norms. “Being stupid and politically incorrect doesn’t work … You can be politically incorrect if you’re smart.”  A “Mark Twain Award” recipient for contribution to society
  • TENACITY: Seven decades of boundary-breaking work that still makes us laugh and serve as motivational touchstones for outrageous humor: “The Producers,” “Get Smart,” “Blazing Saddles,” “Young Frankenstein,” “History Of The World, Part I,” “Space Balls,” “Robin Hood: Men In Tights” and more!  

Mark Twain said it best, “Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing” 

– Rear Admiral Paul Becker, USN (Ret) is a leadership expert.  He is the CEO of           The Becker T3 Group, a platform for his motivational and national security keynote speaking. A former Naval Intelligence Officer, he’s successfully led large, diverse, high-performing teams afloat and ashore in peace, crisis and combat.  In 2016, The Naval Intelligence Community established “The Rear Admiral Becker ‘Teamwork, Tone, Tenacity Award for Leadership” in his honor

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